Friday, August 29, 2008

Pull me a Face!

Some teachers pride themselves for teaching and some pride themselves for getting a salary. They are easily distinguishable from the way they teach, their strictness in punishment and tolerance of humour in classroom. The former are obviously much agreeable. But the problem is that you may not like to attend classes of either or for that matter any classes at all. So to save you from the dungeons of hell, I have come out with my first hand experience of facial expressions which when pulled will help you go through these classes unnoticed, undisturbed.

Teaching teachers
For them you ought to look pleasantly interested. A slight smile, eyes a little wide open and nodding gently now and then.

The other kind

A look that says I am seriously interested. A decent frown, eyes small as if narrowed with concentration. If you can manage to look totally non-kissable while pouting, then pout.

Golden Rule
Practice at home in front of a mirror before trying the face in front of a prof.
Best of Luck!

Special thanks to Ali for being the great model for these pictures.


  1. hey girl jgd,
    1st thng i am a fan of ur blog.. i have added it in my favourite blogs... nthis funda is really good... i'll try this in class....

  2. jgd,
    thnx for the reply. i'll definately take your suggestion... i loved your blog ka name so much that i thought of just changing it a bit so that it will not be called copy [;)] any ways thanks a lot for the suggesstion.

  3. hahahahahaha :D :D way to go ana!! :D