Monday, August 4, 2008

The Guru of Joy

A few days back I read The Guru of Joy. It is Guruji’s biography penned down by Francois Gautier. Well first things first – it has the best cover jacket in the world. There is a picture of Guruji and it just compels you to pick the book up and read it cover to cover. Second thing that really impressed me was how well Mr. Gautier wrote. Unlike the disdaining francophone, Gautier writes English effortlessly (I would like to think he thinks bilingually.)

Now coming to the book, it is amazing. It is a biography but only of sorts. It really has no more than one out of its 13 chapters on Guruji’s life. Rather, it narrates personal experiences, anecdotes from other teachers, and other Guru stories from devotees far and wide. It’s actually a delicious melting pot of devotion.

His prologue is excellent. Further into the text, he maintains the tenderness of new love, respect of an oriental student and yet the mind of a modern critic. Gautier weaves yarn after yarn of tales of Guru love, miracles and faith. And also the tooting of his own critical somewhere in the background. I believe that is what makes The Guru of Joy such a fine book. The ‘Testing the Guru’ Stage is part of every disciple’s life. And that is why any devote can relate to Gautier.

The book is mostly enchanting, especially when Guru Stories are being related. Also, my heart was overwhelmed with joy at the idea of little Guruji and his divinely cute mischief. But at the end, I found it a little dawdling when it spoke about all the AOL courses at length.

All in all, it is a great handbook for any devote.

Rating- 4 / 5

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