Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hung Curd Sandwiches

One of my favorite fillings for a sandwich is hung curd. I always feel I don’t use it frequently enough. So here are a few ideas for using hung curd as a sandwich spread.

Ground Work
The basic thing to do in any of these recipes is to hang some curd. So, take a muslin cloth (a handkerchief, mom’s dupatta all work just fine) and put the curd into it. Now tie up your cloth and hand it up. Please put a bowl beneath the hanging curd so you can collect the whey and use it later on. Ideally, the curd should hang about for 12 hours but anything after 4 hours suffices. In very hot summers, the curd may become a little sour as well due to not being refrigerated, so you may need to add little bit of powdered sugar to suit your taste. Click
here to see Bawa’s photo by photo version of hanging curds.

The Hungarian Sandwich
This one I have altered from
Nigella Lawson’s recipe. Take your hung curd. Add equal amounts of cream (malai does the job) and grated paneer. Take a slice of some nice whole grain bread. Put a thick layer of the spread. Now spread a layer of any flavored jam you like. Try cherry, strawberry and blueberry. Put another slice of the bread, cut in half and enjoy!

Easy Teasy Sandwich
Divide your hung curd into two parts. In one part add mint chutney. In the other add tomato ketchup and jeera powder. Layer the two spreads on two slices of bread. Add a third slice to complete the sandwich. You can try interesting shapes like the pinwheel with this.

The Veggie Filler
Mix some grated carrot into your hung curd. Spread this on one slice of nice sandwich bread. Put a leaf of lettuce. Add slices of tomatoes and cucumbers. Add some slices of olives (for that matter any other veggie) if you like. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Add the second slice of bread.

Honey Chunks Sandwich
Take the hung curd. Add a little honey, chopped walnuts, grated orange rind and salt and pepper. Spread on a slice of bread and munch. You can use this one as a dip as well.


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