Friday, August 8, 2008

Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da

Hello! I am bringing to you another translation of a superhit Punjabi song. It is Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da by Surjit Bindrakhiya. The lyricist is Shemsher Sandhu (and hence the reference in the last stanza) . The song has a very rustic feel to it with traditional Punjabi lyrics. You will find conventional style of poetry (danna danna danna and taiyaan taiyaan taiyaan).

Also I have not translated the word Dupatta. If you don't know what that means (gasp!), then well let this whole song be a puzzle for you to solve. And yes also, the word Heer. First, I thought I should translate it as Juliet, but decided against it for once again I expect everyone to know who Heer was. (Hint - Her boyfriend was called Ranjha) If you want to hear the song click here If you want to watch the video (which I recommend) click here

Modhe ton tilkda jave
Sataraa wal khave
Dupatta tera satrang da,
Dupatta tera satrang da,
Mundeyan nu barda tardpave
Seene agh lave
Dupatta tera satrang da


It keeps slipping away from your shoulder
Twisting itself 17 times
Your Dupatta of seven colours
O gorgeous
Your Dupatta of seven colours
It stirs up the boys
Igniting their bosoms with passion
Your Dupatta of seven colours
O Heer

Oh sakhiyan che rehaniyan tu rani ban ke
Oh sath wich lange patrani ban ke
Peeng ambharaan de wich ehe pave
Ni jadon leherave
Dupatta tera satrang da

You behave like a queen with your girlfriends
With me, you walk past like some hotshot
Forms a swing in the skies
When it flutters
Your Dupatta of seven colours

Kehande he jawani hundi pukhi pyaar di
Taang ehnu rahe sada dildar di
Taiyan taiyan taiyan
Dupatte utte morniyan
Dus kede shownk nu paiyan
Sajana noo piya eh bulave
Na bhora sharmave
Dupatta tera satrang da

They say youth is hungry for love
Always yearning for a beloved
Taiyan Taiyan taiyan
These peacocks on the duppata
Were embroidered out of what inspiration
Saying sweet nothings
Without a trace of bashfulness
Your Dupatta of seven Colours

Mirgan ne tor hey udhari tethon mangi
Mitran dee jaan ni toon
sooli utte tangi
Danna, danna, danna
Dupateyah sach das ve,
Mein kehrde pind muklave jana?
Kittey chan na koi nava hee chadave
Kasoota jabh pave
Dupatta tera satrang da

The deer have borrowed their gait from you
The life of your suitors you have hanged on the gallows
Danna Daana Daana
Tell me the truth oh Dupatta
Which village will my husband be from
Hope it does not do any new mischief
Creating trouble
Your Dupatta of seven colours

Sandhu dekh hoya nee shudayee phirda
Photo teri batuey che payee phirda
Geet teri hee dupatte de oh gave
Nee man lalchave,
Dupatta tera sat rang da

Look! Sandhu has gone crazy
Roams around with your picture in his wallet
Sings now only of your dupatta
Tempting his heart
Your Dupatta of seven colours


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