Thursday, July 31, 2008


I went for First Day- First Show today after a long time. The movie was Sarkar Raj. A power packed political drama with superb performances from the Bachchan family. The movie starts from exactly where Sarkar left. Shankar Nagre has now succeeded his father Subhash Nagre and plans to build a power project for the development of Maharashtra. But of course, it is not a piece of cake and a lot of political serpents come creeping in, power hungry and vengeful. This launches a series of brutal attacks for the Nagre family which has to face a lot of losses. In the climax of the film, when the actual mastermind behind all the political turmoil is unveiled, you suddenly are hit by the true genius of the movie. SR is mainly on a political thread but with very strong undercurrents of personal and family issues.

Undoubtedly, Big B tops the list as far as performance is concerned. The intensity of his performance grows with the story of the film and by the time it reaches climax, Amitabh Bachchan is ferocious. Abhishek and Aishwarya are a close second. Both are perfectly cut for their roles. Abhi is suave yet with strong rustic streaks. And for the first time Rai can be complimented for her acting and not just for her looks. Ram Gopal Verma deserves credit for brilliant direction. I loved the background score especially the song ‘Govinda, Govinda’. To conclude,if you liked Sarkar, you will love Sarkar Raj!
Ranking ****

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