Thursday, July 31, 2008


August 29 2006

well the clocks showing 3 40 am..and i just can not have myself to fall asleep
i wish i could call this insomnia for insomnia sounds so elite....
but i just snored the whole day through n thus now i am being punished
thanks God of are one kind one!
oh to hell with it all!
this stupid fever and sore throat
and this sleepless night!
damned be those who wish evil for me!
damned be them all!

now i was just going through some blogs and i fail to understand why people write abstractly
(just read my first entry 'ummm' and you will know what i am talking about)
i mean whats all this pretence of abstracting the mundane
stupid busters all of them!
(i mean yes i did it too but hell! that was more than a year u see it does not apply anymore)
i mean good writing is not about just throwing a few whiffs of vague crap into air wrapped in ordinary sentiment
gawd no!
that is just so indicative of evasion and irritatio toward real life!
and how annoying are those abstract poems
solemn night,
stars met
moon shone
on ur fagged potty so damn wet!
directionless poetry has really no place in a time like todays
i mean people do not have time to read smss, honestly see the probability of going through ryhmes without sense
lord ! the nonsense of it all.....

hmm...its close to 4 o clock n no signs of slumber yet
i guess i should just carry on this post
atleast the person who reads it will be able to sleep....haha

anyways i just vandalised a lot of accounts on orkut
i scrapped my friends how happy i was on them getting engaged
no points for guessing none of them are
hoping this will start an vile series of rumours in each of thier lives
its so great to feel possesed by calvin!!!
(the horns are being polished and the tail sharpend)

ok here i go my final prayer to God of Sleep

oh thou great creater of sleep
fill my eyes wd slumber
pour some drowsiness into them
make them dull make them number

take away my vibrant libido
make me yawn , once and again
make me yearn bedding and soft pillows
and movement and activity disdain

embrace me infold me
let me not abscond
tie me tight tie me hard
in your snoozorama bond

now im off to hit the sack because
bhagwan ke ghar main der hai andher nahi

(4 15 am)

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