Thursday, July 31, 2008


July 01 2006

whenever i think about days back at carmel, i start smiling reflexively. school days are really awesome! even though i used to crib crazy then about getting up early morning and having school on saturdays and all that insignificant jing-bang, i know those times were heaven.
i remember how when i was quite younger (like from kindergarten till second grade) my tummy would hurt every morning brother makes fun of me still but apparently it really is a medical condition which is called RAP, abbreviated for recurrent abdominal pain. (so farts to you ali.)
i remember how easy it was to bunk amrita ma'ams class
i remember then how great we became at bunking any teachers class. with our mighty skill of persuasion and sympathy attracting babmi eyes, we once managed to get all 8 class free....yes i know, we ruled.( i need to mention here it was a class effort).
i remember Lovey Ma'am suspending me from her geography class for one week when i began to laugh hysterically in the chapter about indian fauna for it mentioned wild asses.
i remember Neeti and mine 'cap-and-pen-follow-me' dandia ( don't ask what it was) in Verma Ma'am's class which had us laughing till she threw us out.
i remember how Nilofer ma'am on the last day of school banged her forehead into mine and said," Ana, I banged my head into you three years back and I have been sorry ever since" when i was apologising to her for something.
i remember the harry potter frenzy and the recesses we spent discussing the books which were yet to come. proudly i claim we had developed a series of events involoving draco and harry which is rumoured to be in the 7th book.
i remember me being hit by a basketball straight on the nose on a chilly winter morning. i have a phobia for oncoming airborne things and reflexsively i close my eyes.( but now you know why my nose looks odd. lol)
i remember how Alipt's exam papers would be retarded with things from hindi movies recommendations to the teacher to outlandish definations like a crowbar is the BECK OF THE CROW. not even the beak.....
i remember how sukhman would treat me with a sprite after every class, and for that reason i love the drink to this day.
i remember how once i pinned down a classmate. not really sr oleen's ideal young ladies.
i remember value ed lessons with sr oleen.what a hoot they were! give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning....
n i remember how simple and boy-free our lives were, devoid of any heartache or tears. Alipt and I would giggle ourselves insane over stories of ahem...Nibor I and Nibor II( No questions shall be entertained about their true identities). They were truly school girl crushes which kept our conversations spicy but never had ability to hurt us in any way.
theres tons more i remember and even more that i have forgotten
perhaps thats why school days rock so much!

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