Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha

July 02


I often feel that many non Punjabi people love Punjabi music . Yet they cannot sustain their interest for the lack of understanding of Punjabi lyrics. And there is another group of people who feel Punjabi music is all just some Balle Balle chants and random noise and nothing more. Both these things pain me a lot. And thus, I have decided to translate Punjabi songs into English in here for the benefit of both these groups and everybody else too.

The first one I am doing is Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha by Malkit Singh .

It was made popular in the 90’s with the music of Bally Sagoo and the faces ( and the bodies?) of Jas Arora and Mallika Arora.
Click here to hear it. Click here to see it as well.

Punjabi Lyrics
English Lyrics
Gur nalo ishq mitha O ho
Gur nalo ishq mitha Ai hai
O rabba lag na kise nu jaave
Gur nalo ishq mitha

Love is sweeter than jaggery

O God, let is strike no one
This love, sweeter than jaggery
Meri pave jind kad le O ho
Meri pave jind kad leAi hai
Mere yaar nu manda na boli
Meri pave jind kad le

You may take my life away

But don’t speak a word against my beloved
You may take my life away
Ladoo khala baniye de O ho
Ladoo khala baniye de Ai hai
Ganne choop le jattan de pole
Ladoo khala baniye de

Eat ladoos from the baniya sweetseller

And suck sugarcanes of the jatt farmers as they are soft
Eat ladoos from the baniya sweetseller
Kale nu na kali takri O ho
Kale nu na kali takri Ai hai
Meri jeb ladooan ne paadi
Kale nu na kali takri

I could not bump into her alone

My pocket got torn with the weight of ladoos
For I could not bump into her alone
Phul te tarel pe gayiO ho
Phul te tarel pe gayiAi hai
Tenu nachdi nu mudka aaya
Phul te tarel pe gayi

Dew drops appeared on the flower

As sweat appeared on you while you were dancing
Dew drops appeared on the flower
Sharabiyan de paise bach gaye O ho
Sharabiyan de paise bach gaye Ai hai
Sohni akhan wich akhan paake takeya
Sharabiyan de paise bach gaye

The drunkards saved their money

As they looked into your beautiful eyes
The drunkards saved their money

Akhiyan ‘ch wass mitra O ho
Akhiyan ‘ch wass mitra Ai hai
Tenu chal palkan di maaran
Akhiyan ‘ch wass mitra

Come and live in my eyes my beloved

I will fan you with my eyelashes
Come and live in my eyes my beloved
Akh naal gal kargi O ho
Akh naal gal kargi Ai hai
Palla maar ke buja gi deeva
Akh naal gal kargi

She spoke with her eye

Blowing away the candle with the edge of her duppata
She spoke with her eye


  1. thankx a ton for this translation! u made my day! -Kavita

  2. thanks! I'd been lookin for it for a long time! I love this song!

  3. Brilliant! Had been looking for this forever!

  4. Thank you thank you thank
    My favourite song ih high school

  5. Thank you a million thank youuus on the translation! I've always loved this song, no clue what it said :)

  6. hey,
    thanks a lot for this translation. I've been wanting this for so long...

    Hey, have you managed to translate any other songs? I'm currently searching for "mera laung gawacha"....

  7. I love it that bit with phul te tarel pe gayee... I could never really figure out what it really was and we always thought it was pul te tared pe gayee...totally different

  8. Hello! Im not Indian but African/Caucasian descent. I love Punjabi music and indian culture but you are right! i really dont know what they are singing about. Thanks for posting this!

  9. whats the name of sister of jas arora in this song?

  10. wow..
    Yo man!
    Thanx alot u made my day...

  11. :( :)
    Punjabi guys and girls are genius in math.
    and they are nice people..

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  13. Thanks for translating for Non-Punjabi People.

    I have a question or suggestion :

    "Meri pave jind kad le" Don't you think It means "You can kill me" Or "Tu pave manu maar de, but don't say a bad word to my beloved"

  14. Always loved the song. Absolutely amazed to know the meaning of the words!

  15. Hello Ana,
    Thank so much for the lyrics and the English translation. I don't speak Punjabi nor do I speak Hindi / Urdu. I just came across this song couple of years back from YouTube and loved it so much ever since :)

    Thank you once again.

  16. Thank you for this!! i spend a good time trying to understand mr sigh but couldn't fully..... this is awesome!

  17. There are more lyrics to this track, such as:
    "ni mauj suneyara leh geya" IIRC .... can someone translate this for me, I think I know what it means, but it's meant in a positive way right?

  18. At least now I know what the rest means. I thought the flower meant: under the flower a rock got stuck!!Phul te tarel pe gayiAi hai