Monday, March 15, 2010


Hello there! Its my favorite time of the day. The time for puds! Today we have a very special pudding. Its special because its addictively delicious yet mind-numbingly easy to make. No, marijuana is not an ingredient. But something just as good- drinking chocolate! Chocolate Balls!

Now, take a packet of butter biscuits. Suit your budget- Tiger, Marie, some other expensive ones and dunk them into the grinder. Remember to take off the wrapper. Now grind it into a powder. Chunky or fine, either will do.

Add a few tablespoons of drinking chocolate. Approximately, the biscuit powder should be thrice the chocolate. Remember to use great quality drinking chocolate because this will make or break your dessert (I used Cadbury). And run the grinder for a few seconds to have an even mixture.

Put the powder mixture into a mixing bowl. Taste at this time to see if it is chocolaty enough. Add more drinking chocolate if required.

Add some (more like lots) melted butter. And make balls. Roll the balls in sprinkles if you like.