Sunday, March 14, 2010

Me Today

Hello World! Its me again. Yes, the same old. I have nothing new for you. I know that happens time and again. I do have a few good recipes to share but they are such a pain to write, especially when you cook with approximation but need to write with exaction. Anyways I will tell you whats up with my life. I know thats a first, but I guess todays your lucky day!

Well to start with I have Conjunctivitis (I shall be surprised if you don't know that already). I am quite the sulker when it comes to being sick and I have sulked my way through phone calls and Facebook. Yeah, so I don't have pink eyes or any discharge. There was slight swelling in the first few days but that is gone too. So actually I am perfectly fine! But according to my doctor I am still infectious. And no not just my enthusiasm, charm and good cheer, she meant the disease. So basically I am all well but just under house arrest (not that I am really staying at home).

Yesterday I went for this modern Meena Bazaar, a crazy shopping hub for women (or as they would prefer to be called- ladies). Sellers from all around the region had come and displayed their wares (mostly clothes) and women were shopping like crazy. The whole place drove me crazy! Do we actually like clothes that much? Yes, we women! We, who speak of womens liberation and equal rights and personalities and all those fancy shmancy things. At the end of the day, we need clothes and shoes and bags and makeup to make us feel worth ourselves. Is that all? Look great and pull men? It depresses me beyond measure. But to think a bit more, obviously nothing else works for men. They need their women to be looking the part if they are to love them. Most men and women will protest I am going mental and none of this is true. I am sure there are a lot of us who aren't like that (me! me ! me!) but aren't there more who are. By the way the name of the shopping bazaar was 'Vanity Fair'. Apt, huh?

Today, I met a friend of mine for coffee. We do that often. Sometimes we don't even drink coffee. We just sit and chat about absolutely nothing. Like talk talk talk and never run out of things to laugh about. Other peoples children, common friends, common enemies, love, life, food, fat, coffee, work.... People have said we could be twins. Maybe we were!

Thats all of my roller coaster brain ride today. I completely know how terribly interested you were to know about my uber cool life. You are totally welcome!

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