Sunday, March 28, 2010


Prem gali aati sankri ja main do na samaye 
Main hu to wo naaye wo hai to main naaye

The street of love is very narrow and two won't pass through
If I come then he can't and if does then I can't

Love, I can't believe that I have met you. That I ever did something so good that I deserved to meet you. To see you, to touch you and mostly to love you. From the time I saw you, something changed inside me. Something transformed. Something blossomed. With each growing day i want to become more and more like you. Become more you. I don't think it will ever matter if you love me back or not. I love you and that the universe chose me to love you is the most sacred thing to me. Who won't love you? But you grace me, overwhelm me. You acknowledge my love. 

Words will never do, but let me try again. I love you