Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hi World!

This is me...Me who? Don't ask...Revealing identity makes one conscious of what will people think...And that generally places a damn on the river of free flowing thoughts. I can't be me... I feel pressurised to comply with standards, to fit perfectly in the frame of myself image. And I just want a space where I can let my thoughts be, release them and let them play with words, like lego blocks, and build whatever they like. It does not have to be meaningful or make sense, or be portraying my personality. I just want to release the thoughts which have infested my head. There are too many...Too much of the time...And I want this blog to work as my Dumbeldore's Pensieve basin...To find words most alike my thoughts and let them swim in there...Maybe I or a Harry like you will come back to look at them, but maybe not. It is fine...I wonder if this could have been a dairy...But I have done that far too much in my adolescent years....And diaries have a limiting effect of being a record of actions and feelings and not thoughts...I feel in love with so-and-so today...Such-and-such said this to me, I felt so bad....This space is more for musings, very random and arbitrary, but mostly from the head...Plus I am allowing myself the vanity of keeping it on the worldwide net, where people, strangers might chance upon it and read it and become undying fans of me...I might be the next big thing....But if that never happens, I can always say I never told anyone about this blog...Haha...So I have made a moat as well to keep my dignity (ego?) intact. So here, this is my pensieve. You are most welcome to swim in it as long as my thoughts don't bite/ drown/ suffocate you!

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