Friday, January 29, 2010

Book Reveiw

Loving and Leaving the Good Life

Since late I have become quite picky about the books I read, and I am really glad I picked this one. (Actually it was handpicked by a close friend whose recommendation I can completely rely on.)

The book is a memoir written by Helen Nearing about the life she shared with her late husband Scott Nearing. Scott is well known in radical cycles for propounding and practicing the good life of simplicity, self-sufficiency, social justice and growth of the being. LLGF is a biography of man who lived and died on his own terms with grace and dignity. Helens words show how Scott was not only an influence on her but so many others and still continues to be. The book touches politics, religion, money, fashion besides more prominent issues like loving, living, learning and leaving. Helen’s narrative is lucid though I felt it became a bit too serious and referenced at times. Nevertheless, she is wonderful when she is talking about her love with Scott and extremely inspiring when she talks about her love for land (through homesteading, gardening, farming and cooking). All in all, the book is a beautiful manual which inspires one to come back to land and love with gratitude, happiness and contentment.

Rating- 4/5

PS- I wish to read Simple Food for the Good Life soon. Again by Helen, a recipe book full of vegetarian goodness.

PPS- The book is not published in India. You will have to order a copy online or you can always borrow mine :)

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