Sunday, September 14, 2008

My UP Story

As per Bawa's Weekend Competition, this is my entry. He has not declared the winner yet, so I have my fingers crossed.

The sun had been UP for hours. As he woke UP after midday, he could not make UP his mind about what to do next. Life was all UP and around him still he felt left out, unable to keep UP with it. He got UP, fiddled around for a while and then went UP the stairs to watch some television. As raised UP the volume he saw his favorite team was winning by being 57 runs UP. Yet, this brought him satisfaction only UP to an extent. He had a nagging doubt in his mind that his life was UP. He could add UP all he had done till today in a nanosecond. And the total was only something which brought UP his despair more explicitly in front of his eyes. He felt that UP till now, his life had been a mere zilch. Being born and brought UP in an obscenely rich family which way was way too UP in society, he never was given the encouragement to stand UP on his own feet. Leaving the thought of his uselessness he strolled UP to the kitchen. He saw the cook lying on the shelves with his face UP. He suddenly spoke UP, "Oi! Why are you always UP to nothing? Get your butt UP before I beat you UP. Get UP before my temper flares UP and I hang you on the road UP some street light." The cook being used to such impotent threats took his pleasant time in getting UP. He yelled again, "Oi! Hurry UP and make me some eggs! Sunnyside UP!"The cook took no notice. The sudden UPs and downs in his master's behavior were not new to him. He had given UP any hope for change and had learnt to put UP with him. As he gobbled UP his eggs and toast, he felt a sudden urge to do something today. It had been very long since a desire to be in useful in any way had reared UP its head. But he decided to go with it and not stand UP against it. After all, sometimes even million dollar babies want to face UP the biting realities of life. He hurriedly climbed UP the stairs again and took a shower. He got dressed UP and gelled his hair to stay UP in a stylish Mohawk. As he strode UP to his sports car, he noticed that the sun was high UP in the sky. Not being used to such bright sunshine, he covered UP his eyes with his hand. He drove UP to his father's office at a leisurely pace. As he reached the street of the office, he realized it packed with cars UP to limit. For a moment, he thought of turning around and giving UP this being a good-boy-today, but then he churned UP his brain again and decided to stay. He parked the car UP on the footpath and got out and walked UP the road. When he stopped, he looked UP the street to see the towering office, standing UP alone, one of its kinds UP north. A sudden pride surged UP in him. He felt that if he came UP here every day, things may begin to look UP. Of course, he was not UP for everything that happened inside the office. Things needed to be stirred UP. To be set UP in a new, more him-friendly atmosphere. He realized if that was ever done and worse kept UP with, this large family business would die out in a year. He had put UP no lies about himself in his mind. He knew he was a lazy loser. Again throwing UP his vestigial thoughts into the air for no one particular to catch he walked UP to the office door. The gateman for a moment froze UP to see the important yet infrequent visitor. He relaxed after a few seconds and opened UP the gate for the visitor. As he marched inside he noticed like always the office was UP to the mark. Suddenly his gazed got fixed UP on the ceiling. UP there was a tiny lizard. It was running UP and down, shooting UP its tail now and then. Gazing fixedly UPon the lizard, a new analogy to his previous realization crept UP, slowly rising in him. He was like this little lizard, UP on the ceiling of the world, thinking it was all UP to him to hold the ceiling. If he ever moved, the ceiling would fall and break UP into a million pieces. Poor misled lizard and poor misled him! But it was all his own doing. He had blown UP this bubble of the lizard world. And now he had to live UP to it before someone came UP and burst it UP. Time was UP. Today he will do something definite. He took a deep breath. He could not sometimes surface UP in the clutter of his own mind. The confusion in his mind left him all roiled UP. He just wanted to shove these thoughts UP somewhere once and for all. Unable to keep UP with his mess of a brain, he walked towards the elevator and pressed the UP button. As the elevator door opened UP, he saw inside the face of his cousin- the very same one who had beaten him UP black and blue as a child and now had lapped UP his father and become his favorite. He walked UP to his cousin and shook hands. The door closed UP and the elevator began to go UP. The boys first kept quiet and then managed to start UP a polite conversation. As the elevator reached UP to the top floor, they sighed with relief for none of them was being able to keep UP the conversation. They both walked UP to his father's office. The father too was shaken UP to see his son. All three men whipped UP the same old pleasantries. The cousin left the office, lest he blends UP things to become more awkward. The father gave him a complete UP and down look. Finally he asked him, "What's UP? What brings you UP here today?" He stayed muted UP for a few minutes. Then he moved UP to his father and looked into his eyes and said, "You know what is UP. Please stop pumping UP this big ball of pretense. You know things are so mixed UP between us that if we don't fix them UP now, we never may again." The father was again shaken UP. Not in long time had such emotions been tossed UP inside of him. Instinctively, he went UP to his son and hugged him. The son looked too placid all of a sudden. He drew UP a dagger from his hip pocket and thrust it inside his father's guts.
At night, when the moon was UP, he slept silently covered UP with his blanket. Tonight was different. He won't be UP till early hours. The insomnia was gone. Softly he dreamed of the old man lying on the floor, spewing UP blood.

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