Sunday, September 14, 2008

Five Great Date Ideas

Get Your Feet Scrubbed!I mean get a pedicure, or another such relaxing beauty treatment. A head massage, back/ body massage for a couple can be good substitutes, depending on your level of intimacy. But a pedicure tops my list for it not only allows you to get relaxed and clean but also talk simultaneously which is an important ingredient of a good date.

Breathe!The logic behind this is if you are happy with yourselves, you will be happy with each other. So light up a few nice candles, put up a nice meditation CD and both of relax into divine bliss. If you are particularly experimental you can try chanting or dancing meditations as well. But remember, all of this happens with eyes closed.

Go Back to School!Take a class together. Find a short course which is either a couple of hours or if you think you can bear it, a couple of days. In the honeymoon period, a good idea is to take a class which interests both partners. Later on, to spice up things learn something about which none of you have a clue . Few fun ideas are pottery,chocolate making,wine tasting, salsa, photography, vegan cooking, yoga.

See the Unseen!Buy a Traveler’s Guide about your own city. Then, mark out the things both of you haven’t seen. Make it adate by visiting all those places in your city you have never visited. Trust me, you will be surprised at the hidden treasures in your city.

Blind your double!This one is for the daring adventure seekers. Fix you partner with a blind date and let him/her do the same for you. Then all of go out together for a double date. Don’t let the blind dates know that you guys are already together. Enjoy the comedy (or the tragedy) that ensues. Caution : Doing this too often can lead to pre-mature breakup.

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